Inflation device 20ml/30ml

Inflation device 20ml/30ml


Balloon Inflation Device is used procedure such as PTCA and Intravascular therapeutic procedures that involve balloon catheterization, stent deployment. This device is used to control the pressure and inflate or deflate the balloon catheter. Balloon inflation devices will be innocuous disposed immediately after single use. An ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold and enables sleep-free operation. Easy to inflate, consistent in readings and quick deflation along with a luminescent dial for the pressure gauge make the device highly reliable


  • PRESSURE GAUGE • 30 atm reliable in any procedures • fluorescent indicator good pressure reading
  • BODY AND BUTTON • 30 cc syringe small to big balloons (PTA & PTCA) • automatic cam locking system easy handling • clear material easy air bubble detection and removal
  • HANDLE • T-shape handle high torque easy deflation
  • Design: Hybrid Design

Ordering Information

Design Type Inflation Range(atm) Barrel Volume (mm)
Hybrid 30 30
Screw 30 20